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Facts about Gibraltar

It is the ideal location to set up a European holding company, or a company to do business elsewhere in Europe. It is a growing, sophisticated finance centre offering an attractive tax regime to companies, individuals and trustees.

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory within the European Union. It is a self-governing, separate and distinct jurisdiction, within the Central European time zone and in easy reach of all European capitals. Gibraltar's financial services licences can be passported into the rest of the EU.

Gibraltar’s financial services are regulated by an independent Financial Services Commission, to provide strong investor protection in relation to banking, insurance, fund management and the financial services sector in general.


• Common law system based on English law

• Well-developed financial services expertise

• Even though part of the EU, it is exempt from VAT, the customs union and the Common Agricultural Policy

• Access to the single European market in financial services

• Gibraltar has the most up-to-date communications and technological advances to service its growing business needs. So, it’s easy to keep in touch with clients around the world.

• It is conveniently located within the Central European time zone.

• No capital gains tax

• No wealth tax

• No inheritance tax

• No VAT

• No exchange controls

• No stamp duty on transfers of shares

• Special tax benefits available to relocated executives and High Net Worth individuals


• Member of the EU since 1973
• A British overseas territory with its own constitution
• At the forefront of financial services regulation
• Supports the clampdown by the FATF (Financial Action Taskforce) on money laundering
• Enjoys strong economic growth
• Offers an attractive tax regime
• Only 2 ½ hours by plane from London, 1 hour from Madrid

• Has a growing economic relationship with Spain
• A self governing UK overseas territory
• A separate and distinct jurisdiction
• In the Central European time zone
• Within easy reach of all European capitals
• An EU territory
• Gibraltar is the only British overseas territory that is part of the European Union


• Access to EU directives
• No capital gains tax
• No wealth tax
• No inheritance tax/death duties
• No VAT
• No exchange controls
• In most cases, no tax on foreign dividends received in Gibraltar
• No withholdings on dividends paid out of Gibraltar
• No withholdings on interest paid out of Gibraltar
• No stamp duty or transfer tax on the transfer of shares in a Gibraltar company unless it relates to Gibraltar real estate
• Only a nominal amount (£10) of capital tax payable on the creation of authorised share capital or on loan capital and none payable on the issue of share capital
• Only a nominal amount of duty payable on the creation of new shares, so it is possible to establish a well capitalised company for minimal cost
• Often no tax is payable on profits earned outside Gibraltar by Gibraltar companies


A Gibraltar is the only British overseas territory that is part of the European Union. Although full membership of the EU extends to Gibraltar it is not subject to the Common Customs Tariff, VAT or the Common Agricultural Policy.


A The legal system and jurisdiction of Gibraltar are entirely separate from the UK, but they are based on English common and statute law as well as locally drafted law.


Gibraltar has implemented all relevant EU Directives in a way that virtually mirrors UK legislation. Gibraltar is a jurisdiction with a highly competitive tax regime for both companies and individuals. It does not levy VAT, capital gains tax, inheritance tax or wealth tax.


'Passporting' means that financial services businesses registered in Gibraltar may conduct business in any other EU member state without having to obtain any further licensing. Applying for and obtaining a financial services licence in Gibraltar is fast and efficient, particularly compared with procedures in most other countries.


• Maximum tax payable on all income, wherever it is generated, is approximately £20,000
• Individual must meet the requirements, which include having a residence in Gibraltar and having at least £2 million in assets


• Gibraltar has a well-established business community with a sophisticated port and a modern financial services centre.
• It is home to over 20 banks, 50 insurance companies, and many accountancy firms including four major UK firms.
• The workforce is sophisticated and skilled. People are multi-lingual and well educated, usually having graduated from UK universities.
• For EU nationals, there are no work permits required and no residency limitations.
• Gibraltar is an attractive place to live and work, offering a number of new residential and commercial property developments.
• The area also offers an excellent lifestyle, with a good climate throughout the year, coastal resorts, yachting and golf courses.