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The Jeevan Daswani Lawfirm Partner Network is organised into specialist teams

Providing clients worldwide with legal services relating to Gibraltar and English Law

ABC Legal Services and Offshore Legal Network is an international network of law firms providing legal services relating to Gibraltar and English law. At an ABC -Legal Networkt we understand our clients needs and have developed a reputation for superior client service with an emphasis on quality, value, responsiveness and accessibility together with the creativity today’s competitive business climate demands.   More..

Our Practice Areas are:

We advise on every aspect of
• commercial law
• human resources
• commercial contracts
• advertising
• data protection
• intellectual property
• commercial contracts
• trademarks and patents.

Our approach is to open to our clients a real understanding of the commercial opportunities in Gibraltar so that we can help them to grow their business.


Use our expertise to set up European operations and transfer assets in a way that is capital duty and tax efficient.


We work close with leading company services providers that can package a complete range of private wealth and corporate management services using a client-tailored approach.


Given Gibraltar's favourable tax regime and our position as the local law firm, we can advise and help manage our corporate clients’ tax matters very effectively.


Our firm has extensive experience in dealing with the Labour Code and provides proficient advice on general labour and employment issues, employment contracts, work permit applications, administrative proceedings and labour litigation


Intellectual Property Trademark, copyright and patent registration and protection.

Labour/Employment Law
Our firm provides proficient advice on general labour and employment issues, employment contracts, work permit applications, administrative proceedings and labour litigation.


We create and manage complex cross-border products and financing structures for major companies and financial institutions including securities, derivatives and insurance products.


The Franchise attorneys deal with the area of law revolving around the right or license that is granted to an individual or group to market a company's goods or services in a particular territory under the company's trademark, tradename or service mark.and provide:
• legal guidance and advice on whether to franchise or pursue other means of distribution and growth.
• Legal guidance and insight on growing your franchise or distribution systems domestically and internationally.
• legal counsel on multi-unit ownership and co-branding of the franchise.
• a variety of transactional, litigation and dispute resolution services of the franchise.
• representation of area developers and representatives, sub-franchisors, multi-unit and single-unit franchisees, licensees, dealers, distributors, and independent franchisee associations in transactional, litigation and dispute resolution matters.


We advise all aspects of regulatory tax, corporate and employment matters, relating to the Gibraltar gaming sector. We work with the Gibraltar Government Regulations to develop the online gaming industry in Gibraltar. We advise our clients fully on all aspects of Gibraltar law and all required documentation.


Trademark, copyright and patent registration and protection.


In establishing joint ventures, we make sure that we have a complete understanding of clients objectives and use the flexibility offered by Gibraltar’s jurisdiction to reach the desired goals.


Offshore Legal is a full service offshore law firm with a diverse local and international practice. Our team brings a global yet highly personalized perspective to our clients with significant experience in various practice areas.


Our financial and tax specialists work with the property team to give clients the best possible, most comprehensive advice


Our team of attorneys provides practical and reliable advice in the buying or selling of real property worldwide. We handle all aspects of the property transaction, including the negotiation of agreements for sale and purchase and the application for Non-Belongers Land Holding Licences.

We work closely with many real estate agents and other property professional such as valuers, surveyors and architects. We also advise commercial clients and work with developers, financing institutions and commercial managers at all stages of purchasing, developing, and disposing of real property.


• set up off-the-shelf companies
• Offers private banking services
• Provides with legal service partners company management service


• managing and administering trusts


Ships registered in Gibraltar are 'British' ships and fly the Red Ensign. Gibraltar is in the EU and so EU companies can register as the owner of a vessel. Registration of vessels in Gibraltar offers many practical and financial advantages and the firm is able to advise on all aspects of ship registration and finance, including the drafting of security documentation.


• managing and administering trusts


The firm advises in the creation of trusts, preparation of ancillary trust documentation and the administration and management of trusts. We also represent individuals and fiduciaries in trust and estate litigation, including claims of breach of trust, allegations of incompetence and undue influence, claims of creditors against estates, claims of heirs, legatees and charities to distribution of certain assets from estates and trust and will construction.


Gibraltar is also a popular port for the registration of private yachts. There is a yacht registry and several new marinas. We advise private clients on the legal aspects of yacht ownership, including registration and finance.